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Purchase Orders: Items are available to be purchased via your Company Purchase Order ("PO").  If a Company PO is issued and ultimately accepted by APW, it will be honored solely for the expressed purpose and intent to provide terms for payment of said associated invoice.  Items purchased via PO's do not in any way, shape or form, modify/amend/change or extend any type of warranty and/or liability.  APW's warranty/liability for parts purchased is further described within the company website and located on the Warranty tab.  Please note:  Approval and authorization for acceptance of a PO is required prior to order - Contact Us to request approval.

Credit Card Orders: We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, PayPal and Visa. All credit cards are charged at the time of purchase.

Checks: We reserve the right to process checks electronically, at first presentment and at any re-presentments, by transmitting the amount of the check, routing number, account number, and check serial number to your financial institution. We may make an electronic image of your check and destroy the original. Your checking account may be debited as soon as the same day we receive your payment. If we cannot collect the funds electronically at first presentment, we may issue a draft against your account for the amount of the check. Approval and authorization is required prior to order - Contact Us to request approval.

Electronic Funds Transfer: We can accommodate transfers directly to our bank. Please call for approval and account information.

Arizona Resale and Tax Exempt Customers: Pursuant to ARS 42-5009, a Form 5000 is required to document tax-exempt transactions with qualified purchasers within the State of Arizona. It is to be filled out completely by the purchaser and furnished to APW. APW will retain the Certificate for single transactions or for specified periods as indicated. Incomplete Certificates are not considered to be accepted in good faith. Only one form of exemption can be claimed on a certificate. A link to Form 5000 can be found here. Please be sure to email this completed form to us prior to ordering.

Item Availability: We are continually updating our stock online as orders are filled and shipments are purchased. If you cannot find an item online, please call 1-623-204-2091 or Contact Us to inquire. If we do not carry the part, we can typically find it for you.

Shipping: It is our store policy to add shipping charges to all orders, shipping via Federal Express.